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Opening Reception with Featured Artist Lynette Bagley

“Moody Garden McCaws” by Lynette Bagley

“Moody Garden McCaws” by Lynette Bagley

Join us to see new, exciting works, and meet the artist. The show will continue through February 16.

About the Artist:

At 14, Lynette fell in love with art. A study in oils gave her a start, but life demanded that she put her dream of being an artist on the shelf. When she and her husband retired they moved to a lake and gardening became her new hobby. It was painting the yard with flowers. One day, cleaning out old art supplies, she discovered a box of watercolors that had never been opened. Being adventurous she decided to give them a whirl. What a mess. Deciding not to be beaten by paper and paint, serious studies began. The medium captured her heart along with a passion for color. Other medium choices are oils and acrylics, but watercolors always rule. She says, "You never know what you are going to get and each piece is exciting." Her goal is for her paintings to be filled with light and vibrant colors that will bring joy to anyone who sees them.

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