Sean Starwars, Printmaker

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Sean Starwars

Current Guest Artist and Attaway Fellow
at Centenary College

Only Two Weeks!
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Below: “Bertha the Clown’s Day Off”
Be like Bertha - Hang some art in your living room!

Bertha the clown.jpg

Artist's Statement:

I choose the format of the large scale color woodcut because it best suits my energy charged, caffeine induced, aggressive approach to image making. I am drawn to the modern mythologies of American Advertising. My fascination with these make believe worlds coupled with my largely pop/expressionistic printmaking sensibilities have enabled me to create an arena to play out any number of fantasies.

Charles Bukowski, Ms Pacman, Phillip Guston, and Neil Blender are among my influences. My goal is to create an environment where various elements of consumer culture can function as vital components in my visual narrative. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I could accomplish that goal without enslaving myself to the meticulous obsessions of “traditional” printmaking. I don’t slow down to make perfect drawings or to finesse my color registration. I hammer out the carvings and blast out the prints, and move on to the next print, the next day. My primary concern is to create a strong visual infused with a sense of satirical humor, In other words I like to tell funny stories using funny pictures.


Sean Star Wars lives in Laurel, MS; with his wife and four young children. Armed with an AK-47 and an MFA from Louisiana State University he is ready for anything! In addition to making woodcuts for over twenty years, Star Wars has been an Adjunct Professor, a janitor and a used car salesman. He makes about a half dozen visiting artist appearances a year at many of the nations’ leading art programs. Sean is a proud member of the legendary Outlaw Printmakers and his work is in numerous public and private collections. Star Wars’ work can be seen on book covers, album covers, magazines, television programs and commercials. He is currently embarking on his most challenging project ever "A woodcut a week “FOR LIFE". Sean drinks more Mountain Dew than anyone who has ever lived and he can beat you at Ms. Pacman.


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